ALLSTAR INSPECTIONS has been providing the inspection needs of realtors and their clients in Craven and surrounding counties since 1991. We are fully insured with both LIABILTY and E&O coverage with referring agent coverage. In NC inspectors are not required to have E&O or Liability insurance. In fact most inspectors carry no insurance. Why take a chance? Don’t become a casualty in the litigation wars. Refer only experienced and insured inspectors.

Services that set us apart:
Termite inspection at the same time as home inspection.
Free termite inspection on prelist or sellers inspections.
Make reports public on the Internet for potential buyers to view.
Re-inspections with a cleaned up report if repairs are satisfactory.
Same day delivery of reports in most cases.
Clear digital pictures of problems, the pictures are placed with the inspection comment on summary.

We are Home Inspection, Termite Inspection and Moisture Control Specialists but we will not offer to work on any home that we inspect. “Integrity above all.”

Becky says, “Don’t refer an inexperienced Inspector.”


Use the tabs at left to order online or print an order form to fax to us. Or just give us a call to schedule. It’s easy and fast! (Same day delivery of reports in most cases).