A seller’s inspection is truly one of the best investments you can make if you wish to sell your home without delays or even losing a sale due to troubles found during a potential buyers inspection. Research shows that 50% or more of closings are delayed by the inspection process (Home and Termite). A good number of deals actually die due to the buyer being spooked that maybe the seller is not perfectly honest in his property disclosure when problems found are problems that the seller claimed no knowledge of but maybe should have known existed. Typically a seller has little time to make negotiated repairs to problems found in the buyers Home and or Termite inspection. This process can easily delay a deal and may actually kill a deal.

If we do a seller’s inspection for you we will check for termites free of charge. An official NC WDIR100 Wood Destroying Insect Report will be issued on the property. This is a good way to be certain that your current termite contract is being handled properly. If you have no termite contract it lets you know what to expect when the sellers termite inspector shows up. This kills two birds with one stone, as any potential buyer will know that the seller is making full disclosure before they even make an offer. (We will post the Home and Termite inspection reports on the Internet, if you wish, for any potential buyer or agent to view.)
For $300.00 +/- you can have the piece of mind that no serious offer will be ruined by the inspection process.

Becky says, “Don’t let hidden problems mess up a perfectly good deal”


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